PBworks & Google Docs


In order to work on our group project we were asked to create an account on pbworks or google docs.

Google Docs definition- ‘ A family of Web-based applications from Google that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, forms creation and online storage. Launched in 2006, documents can be uploaded and downloaded in Word, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text formats. Spreadsheets can be uploaded and downloaded in Excel, OpenOffice and comma delimited (CSV) formats. Files can also be downloaded as PDFs.’ (http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia_term/0,2542,t=Google+Docs&i=57240,00.asp)

PBworks definition- ‘ PBWorks is an online collaborative tool where anyone can set up a wiki to manage a team and ensure that the team can work together well and produce excellent results. It’s a service where businesses can host their own workspaces to manage certain projects and work together. It is a wiki site where several people can all interact in the same workspace and adjust what is happening. ‘ (http://www.appappeal.com/app/pbworks/)

I set up a workspace on PBworks first. It took me some time to find out how it works but gradually I started getting used to it. The work space I have set up was meant to be free of charge, at least this is my understanding of the following statement: ‘Create a free, personal workspace for non-commercial use.’ (http://pbworks.com/products ). Today I received an e-mail from the central desktop saying that my trial has expired and in order to be able to use my workspace I need to upgrade it for a cost of 49$ or 99$ a month. I read through the PBworks website again to check if I missed something when I signed in but I found the same informations stating that the basic workspace is free and available to upgrade anytime ‘


  • Hobbyists & Clubs
  • Personal Use
  • Productivity
  • Classroom accounts
  • Basic email support
  • No data export



Upgrade any time ‘ (https://plans.pbworks.com/academic)

I have never use this kind of a workspace before so it is possible that I did not understand some aspectsof it correctly even though the terms seemed clear to me. I have decided to create another workspace in Google Docs this time to work on our project. Google Docs seems to be much more user friendly than PBworks and it was much easier for me to start learning how to manage my documents because of its layout similar to Word, which I am familiar with. Now that I have tried Google Docs it seems to me that PBworks is more confusing and less straightforward than Google Docs.







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Choosing the Virtual Environment: Is one life enough? module I am hoping to gain some new experience in the virtual space. Second life is completely new to mo so there is a lot to learn about it, also I have never had a blog before so this is a new experience to me too. Nowadays virtual environment is a great part of everyone's life so I find it crucial to be able to find myself in it and explore different aspects of it. I think the module will be something very interesting and fresh.

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