Research for the final project 2


Over the course of last week I continued my research for the project and tried to carry through my plan of actions I had made the week before. I contacted all the people that I thought could help me but as I discovered it was not that easy. I received very few responds but I will not stop trying. However, on the positive side, I was able to contact a person who was very important for my research, that person is a  SL and RL artist – Rob Barber. We spent few hours discussing his work and how is it inspired by SL. Here are parts of ours conversation from that meeting:

[14:08] anu55: The reason I’ve asked u if u could talk to me about your work is that i find it very interesting and beautifu

[14:08] Rob Barber: Thank you….

[14:08] anu55: plus the fact that u r crating both in  rl and sl

[14:09] Rob Barber: Hmmmm it is more complicated then that..

[14:09] Rob Barber: I work with 3D Software..

[14:10] Rob Barber: SL does not give me the quality i want..

[14:10] Rob Barber: That has to do with bandwith and the amount of information that is needed to build up an SL image on your screen

[14:11] Rob Barber: The software i use produces so much information that SL would simply not work if with it

[14:12] Rob Barber: The reason i cam on SL is that is saw a documentary about SL

[14:12] Rob Barber: and was stunned.. seeing my art on TV and is was moving

[14:12] Rob Barber: You can imagine that i wanted to particpate

[14:13] anu55: ofcourse

[14:13] Rob Barber: Still SL influances my art

[14:13] Rob Barber: not by techniqeu but by what i experiance here

[14:15] Rob Barber: Shall i continue?

[14:15] anu55: that’s also what I wanted to ask u as I already mentioned in my message to u last week we are prepering this project for our virtual module and the topic that me and my project partner have chosen is the differences and

[14:15] anu55: simmilarities in sl and rl

[14:15] anu55: please do

[14:17] Rob Barber: First.. In here (SL) people tend to show who they are.. or better who they are whitout the boundries of RL (social or law ot whatever)

[14:18] Rob Barber: That does not mean everybody just freaks out.. but they tend to be more authentic

[14:18] anu55: i have notice that too for the past few weeks

[14:19] Rob Barber: Yes.. So i talk and listen en look

[14:19] Rob Barber: *and

[14:19] Rob Barber: and sometimes i notice things that are worth concidering as subject for my art

[14:20] anu55: could you give me some examples?

[14:20] Rob Barber: One work particular is completely inspired on SL

( …)

[14:39] Rob Barber: Let me explain in broad lines what my work does…

[14:39] anu55: alright

[14:40] Rob Barber: Paintings in earlier times are very often scenes from several sources

[14:40] Rob Barber: Religious or mythical or politics

[14:41] Rob Barber: That story telling vanished from painting

[14:41] Rob Barber: Meanwhile the world changed

[14:42] Rob Barber: and many other story’s occured

[14:42] Rob Barber: They can be paintend… but, different stories need pictural shapes that fit on those stories

[14:43] Rob Barber: Well.. i am actual a classic painter.. brushes paint and so on

[14:43] anu55: I wanted to ask u that too

[14:44] Rob Barber: But painting and composing stories along the way is very complicated

[14:44] Rob Barber: So i started to look for a solution

[14:45] Rob Barber: and rejected photography immidiatly

[14:45] anu55: why?

[14:45] Rob Barber: Becuase that brings in to much realism

[14:45] Rob Barber: For instanse..

[14:45] anu55: alright I understand

[14:46] Rob Barber: when i take photo of someone.. the whole personellety comes whit it

[14:46] Rob Barber: i wanted a more general approach..

[14:47] Rob Barber: not the individual person.. but a representative of an  type or group or atmosphere

[14:47] anu55: i get that

[14:48] Rob Barber: Someone made me aware of the possabillitys of 3D Software

[14:48] Rob Barber: and it was excactly what i needed

[14:48] anu55: what kind of software is that?

[14:48] Rob Barber: Poser..

[14:48] Rob Barber: and late i used Vue

[14:48] Rob Barber: and now i combine it all in Cinema 4D

[14:49] anu55: the names are complitely new to me

[14:49] Rob Barber: It is a highly specialised skill

[14:49] Rob Barber: So i needed to study

[14:49] anu55: that sounds as very complicated and difficult proces

[14:50] Rob Barber: and i needed to find out a way to make it work for me

[14:50] Rob Barber: And it gave me all the benefits i needed to explore this storytelling with images

[14:50] Rob Barber: Now….

[14:51] Rob Barber: It was all started as a process to create paintings..

[14:51] Rob Barber: and however these images are perfect.. they lack a certain expression..

[14:52] Rob Barber: So now i have reached te point where i am painting again..

[14:52] Rob Barber: Telling stories with the aid of 3D

[14:52] Rob Barber: and giving them the xpression of painting…

[14:52] Rob Barber: That is my art

I found that conversation very interesting furter on we talked about photography as well and the ways of self expression but the most important thing is that the more we talked the more intriguing it was to me, I started to realize that SL really is something much bigger than I had expected and it has so much to offer. I have to admit that my first impressions of Second Life was that it is only a virtual game, that people come here just for fun, what I did not know was that there are so many people that get much more out of it. Second Life really can be what its name stands for it can be an extention of personal expression it gives new possibilities and offers a new and fresh approach to things that people do in real life. People like Elfy, Jaynine, Rob and many others basically all of the people I have met until now are artists and creators and they transfer their passions interests and work into the virtual world to explore it further and find new ways of expression. As Rob Barber told me, he found new inspirations in SL. I’m very happy that we had this conversation not only because it was so intriguing but also because it was a big step forward in my project. I hope we will meet again soon because there are still so many questions I would like to ask Rob and also I would like to get his permission to use few of his paintings from RL and SL to include them in our slideshow during the presentation to show differences between creating in both realities and also to elaborate on how both of them can influence each other.

When it comes to a slideshow I have to say that I found it difficult. I did some research on how to create and stream a slideshow in SL but there was so many answers and solutions that I started getting lost. Here is a link to a page that I found most helpful and easy enough to understand: but still I had some questions and doubts and I would like to be sure and to know very clearly how to do it correctly. For this reason I found our last guest lecturer Sitearm Madonna extremly helpful. His presentation was very interesting especially when he spoke about virtual tools, multiple identities and multiple connections but the main thing was his relevantly simple way of explanation how to create a prestentation, stream slideshows and videos in SL. In addition to that, I got his e-mail address in case I encounter any difficulites in creating our showcase.



About aniaanu55

Choosing the Virtual Environment: Is one life enough? module I am hoping to gain some new experience in the virtual space. Second life is completely new to mo so there is a lot to learn about it, also I have never had a blog before so this is a new experience to me too. Nowadays virtual environment is a great part of everyone's life so I find it crucial to be able to find myself in it and explore different aspects of it. I think the module will be something very interesting and fresh.

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