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I am back to (Second) Life


I has been two years since I first took the Second Life module. I have decided to come back because I thought it was a very interesting experience. Before that I never heard of Second Life, and to discover this hidden world of beautiful lands, adventures and people was a great lesson. In comparison to other social media platforms, Second Life really stands out and there is still a lot of things I would like to learn and I am hoping to do that on the course this semester. I also hope to contribute to the group with my experience I have gained taking the course before.  I have started my new adventure from visiting new locations the one I enjoyed the most so far this week was Alice in Wonderland Dark Ride.

Wonderland1_013 Wonderland1_012 Wonderland1_006 Wonderland1_008 Wonderland1_009 Wonderland1_010 Wonderland1_005 Wonderland1_001

This week’s task was to read article titled ” The first steps to building your personal brand”. This article was very interesting and useful. The author of the article presents valuable tips  on how to create our own personal brand. As it is stated in the article: “Your personal brand is all about who you are and what you want to be known for.” The author points out how important our social media image is. In a present day when a large part of our daily life happens on social media platforms we are constantly invigilated by other people, some of those people might be for instance our potential employers, and it is vital to keep our profile professional and in accordance to what impression we would like make on others.


The second task we had assigned was to visit following blogs and try to identify the blog authors – what kind of people they might be there behind it.

Deviant Art- 

Very large social platform for creatives of all type, I would imagine that there is a whole team of professionals working behind this website.

Dolce Merda

Before reading the “About” section I had an impression that this blog was created by someone fun and easy going, I think his way of design says that too and it is also confirmed by mentioned above “About” section.
Yumiko Froehlich

Looking at Yumiko Froehlich blog I had an impression that it is a blog created by a mother to showcase her child’s art.
Illustration Friday

This is a very interesting blog which I will definitely join. Again like with Deviant Art I think that there is a larger group of people, ( illustration enthusiasts) behind it in order to manage all the activities. 
Joanna Kafka

The impression I had looking at Joanna’s blog was that she is a young art student. The reason I think so is that it is not a form of professional portfolio but rather a diary made out of her art, other people’s art and some music that I think inspires her. 
Style Pantry

A blog of a fashion and beauty  enthusiast (not professional).