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Group meeting & communication tools


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This week myself and two members of our group – Sam and Mitch have met to discuss our project. Sam proposed that we could look at things like developing project Oculus Rift that enhances gaming experience, merging reality with virtual experience. My idea was to look at reality in the context of constantly developing technology that pushes reality further and further away, leaving people leading their lives through various devices in social networks. We have decided that each of us will do research and we will meet during the weekend to decide on final idea. We have also talked through our communication tools. I have set up a Facebook group soon after we were divided into project groups and this is where we are going to discuss our project. We were are also thinking about setting up  Google Docs for the group but since Facebook is a very efficient medium for communication there is no need at this stage to do that. We also decided that we will have regular meetings in Second life to discuss our project, visit new locations together and collaborate. This week’s meeting went very well as we decided on next steps we need to take and we also had a chance to visit few new locations together searching for new ideas for our project.


New locations


This week I started to explore new locations in Second Life searching for something that would be relevant to our group project. The project theme is reality and I wanted to discover how real can Second Life get in a sense of imitating reality. In order to do that I started visiting places related to technology. There were two places in particular that I thought were really interesting the first one was called Genome Island where visitors could get information about  genes and DNA. The second location is called Virtual hallucinations. The name itself sounds peculiar because hallucinations is something that we can only experience in the real world and I got really intrigued by it. As it turned out Virtual hallucinations is a location devoted to schizophrenia. It is an exhibition created by medical researchers to bring the difficult subject closer  to people. The exhibition allows visitors to experience symptoms of schizophrenia such as hearing voices or rapid, unexpected changes in the closest environment. Having in mind the theme of our project I thought it was really interesting  to experience something that real through virtual means.