Home is where internet is (research)


Continuing with my research I came across this nice info graphics showing people’s usage of internet and social media while traveling. Research conducted by relatively new social network for travelers – Tripl showed some interesting data such as the most popular networks among travelers are Facebook and Tweeter or that 72% of social network users checks their networks every day during their travels but only 7% uses internet on their mobiles.

Tripl that was launched in December 2011, originally was planned to become another social network connecting friends while traveling but since it was not working well they have decided to change and are now producing info graphics based on data collected from social networks and also are still giving the user an option of keeping up with their friends during thir travels.












About aniaanu55

Choosing the Virtual Environment: Is one life enough? module I am hoping to gain some new experience in the virtual space. Second life is completely new to mo so there is a lot to learn about it, also I have never had a blog before so this is a new experience to me too. Nowadays virtual environment is a great part of everyone's life so I find it crucial to be able to find myself in it and explore different aspects of it. I think the module will be something very interesting and fresh.

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