Tips for Presentation




On the 3rd of April Sitearm visited us again in the class to give us a very interesting and helpful lecture on presentations and virtual collaboration projects. We  received very good tips on how to manage the whole project process to finish it with a successful presentation.  Sitearm highlighted a few important components we should be thinking about when working on a team project and he described and explained each of them. The components described by Sitearm are as follows: planning which includes “audience analysis, brainstorming, deciding and assigning”,  preparing which includes rehearsing, checking etc., scripting, presenting and debriefing. The first crucial thing we need to think about is our audience, in his lecture  Sitearm advised us to do the audience analysis to verify who are we going to present to, who is our targeted audience. The second important advice was to write a good script of our presentation and assign who is going to say which part. We are already thinking of it and each of our team members will have their own part assigned so there is no necessary confusion or stress during the presentation.  What is also important is rehearsing in Second Life in advance, sound check  and general check of all technical aspects so we are sure that the presentation runs smoothly. Even though I did many presentations already in college, I thought the lecture that Sitearm gave us was very interesting and helpful. It is very easy to miss some important parts unless we follow some set of rules assigned to make sure that we are doing it right and to keep our presentation as professional and interesting as we can. There was also a part that was new to me as I never did that with any group that I worked before and it was the part about debriefing. Sitearm suggested that it is very useful to spend some time together and talk about the presentation we did and discuss how we did, what we think were the strongest points and how we could improve those that we were not as happy about. I thought it can be of a great value to do the debriefing, not only that we could all give each other feedback but most of all that this is a great learning opportunity preparing us for any future presentations.




About aniaanu55

Choosing the Virtual Environment: Is one life enough? module I am hoping to gain some new experience in the virtual space. Second life is completely new to mo so there is a lot to learn about it, also I have never had a blog before so this is a new experience to me too. Nowadays virtual environment is a great part of everyone's life so I find it crucial to be able to find myself in it and explore different aspects of it. I think the module will be something very interesting and fresh.

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