Group progress


As a team we decided that since it is not always easy to get all of us to meet in Second Life to discuss our project our main tool of communication will be Facebook. Because of the time difference and different college hours sometimes it is not possible to get all of us at once to meet in SL and discuss our project, but with Facebook it is a lot better because we can all leave messages and comments and all of us can get involved and participate. What we have established is that for a few days we will all do research on the area that we agreed on which is ” Social media as our second life”. I am sure that each of us have different approach to this topic so the research will help us to find what each of us is interested in, or what is her or his point of view on this matter so we can start scripting and assign parts for each of us making sure that they are all refer to the same concept and fit it well. We decided to share all articles, websites etc on our Facebook  group so each of us can read them so we all get better understanding of what we all want to focus on. For my part I would like to focus on the topic I presented in earlier post which is the fact that technology together with social media are taking over our lives if not used wisely and with a bit of distance. As I already discussed it before I do think that social media are wonderful tools and are well able of contributing to many good causes and our lives but the simply should not replace our real life. Following that thought I decided to also do some research on how some of them contributed to a good cause and I found a really interesting story of a mother who probably saved her daughter’s sight thanks to uploading her photo on Facebook. A friend of the mother noticed weird reflection in the little girl’s eye and contacted the mother to have it checked. As it turned out she spotted a very rare and dangerous disease which untreated would lead to blindness. The girl’s eyes look normal in a day light, the disease came out only because of flash the mother used taking the picture, which was then spotted by a friend who suggested they seek medical help. This is just one of many examples where sharing our life online can be very beneficial and I will continue my research on both advantages and disadvantages of social media to get good understanding of the topic and collect strong arguments for my point of view as well as prepare well for the presentation. Our group will finalize the research in the next few days so we will have enough time for preparing, scripting  and rehearsing.




About aniaanu55

Choosing the Virtual Environment: Is one life enough? module I am hoping to gain some new experience in the virtual space. Second life is completely new to mo so there is a lot to learn about it, also I have never had a blog before so this is a new experience to me too. Nowadays virtual environment is a great part of everyone's life so I find it crucial to be able to find myself in it and explore different aspects of it. I think the module will be something very interesting and fresh.

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